The third National Muslim Christian Liaison Committee of Canada (NMCLC) meeting for the year 2021 was held on Thursday, June 24.

We welcomed Aisha Francis, Executive Director, KAIROS and Beth Lorimer, Ecological Justice Program Coordinator, KAIROS for a presentation about the ‘For the Love of Creation Initiative’ which aims to engage people, individually and in community, as congregations and organizations, all across the country in a climate conversation centred on three themes: Theological reflection; Local and congregational engagement; and Political advocacy.

‘For the Love of Creation’ explores how we can work together to build healthy, resilient communities, and a better future for all beings in Creation.

Christian and Muslim Faith Leaders joined the meeting for an evening of sharing and learning.

Founded in the 1980s, the National Muslim Christian Liaison Committee of Canada is a forum for respectful dialogue on themes of common interest and for the exchange of faith-related concerns and areas of sensitivity between Muslims and Christians, through official representatives of both faiths. We seek to build long-lasting friendships and cooperation between Christians and Muslims, and to work toward a society based on values of compassion, respect and collaboration.