The f​i​rst​​ National Muslim Christian Liaison Committee of Canada (NMCLC) meeting for the year 202​2​ was held on ​Wednesday, ​​January 26.
The members engaged in a learning together session addressing the topic: “Online hate speech and its impact on religious, Indigenous and racialized communities”​ ​with ​a​ presentation​ by Amira Elghawaby,​ a journalist and human rights advocate. ​ ​Amira is Director of Programs & Outreach at the Canadian Race Relations Foundation​, a contributing columnist for the Toronto Star and PressProgress and a frequent media commentator on equity and inclusion.
Christian and Muslim Faith Leaders and guests joined the meeting for an evening of sharing and learning.
Founded in the 1980s, the National Muslim Christian Liaison Committee of Canada is a forum for respectful dialogue on themes of common interest and for the exchange of faith-related concerns and areas of sensitivity between Muslims and Christians, through official representatives of both faiths. We seek to build long-lasting friendships and cooperation between Christians and Muslims, and to work toward a society based on values of compassion, respect and collaboration.