The third National Muslim Christian Liaison Committee of Canada (NMCLC) meeting for the year 202​2​ was held on ​Wednesday, ​​June 22.

The members engaged in a learning together session addressing the topic: “Resilience and healing during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Zack De Bruyne, MDiv., Chaplain, Faith and Life, Brock University and Imam Irshad Osman, MSc, CFRE, Imam at Danforth Islamic Centre offered perspectives on the topic.

Founded in the 1980s, the National Muslim Christian Liaison Committee of Canada is a forum for respectful dialogue on themes of common interest and for the exchange of faith-related concerns and areas of sensitivity between Muslims and Christians, through official representatives of both faiths. We seek to build long-lasting friendships and cooperation between Christians and Muslims, and to work toward a society based on values of compassion, respect and collaboration.