Map of Muslim and Christian Organizations

National Muslim Christian Liaison Committee (NMCLC) and the Christian Interfaith Reference Group (CIRG) of the Canadian Council of Churches (CCC) aim to facilitate ways for members of our faith communities to know each other, to foster respect and to create opportunities for dialogue and joint action locally and nationally.

The Canadian Council of Churches was founded in 1944 and is the broadest ecumenical body in Canada, representing 25 Christian denominations. The Christian Interfaith Reference Group was created out of the CCC to allow Christian churches to reflect and share information on inter-religious dialogue and to share this information with all member churches of the CCC.

The primary activity of CIRG is to be a catalyst for information sharing, education, theological reflection, and relationship building.

To further our shared goals of promoting understanding and respect, the National Muslim Christian Liaison Committee and the Christian Interfaith Reference Group are collaborating on a project to map the diversity of Muslim and Christian communities in Canada, specifically focusing on the following areas:

  • identifying established Christian and Muslim partnerships happening across Canada, whether through dialogues or coordinated social justice activities;
  • identifying religious and cultural centres for Muslim communities in Canada, where we might make connections with Christian congregations or groups interested in forming partnerships for dialogue and action.

The final goal of our project is to compile this information for an online resource whereby Muslims and Christians from across Canada could easily identify where joint collaborations and partnerships exist, or where there are possibilities for cooperation. Furthermore, it would provide a deeper understanding to members of the Christian community of the rich Muslim contribution to the beautiful mosaic of Canadian diversity.

To learn more, please contact:

The Canadian Council of Churches 47 Queen’s Park Cres. E. Toronto, ON Canada M5S 2C3

Tel: 416-972-9494 • 1-866-822-7645



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